92 Miracles and Counting

Things that couldn’t have happened without God.

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Proof that all things are possible...
in your life.

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How Rich asked God, and God answered back.

  • Searching the scriptures
  • Asking for guidance and listening for God’s voice
  • Doing His will even when it’s difficult

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About the Author

Rich Mason has an electrical engineering degree from the University of South Florida and has been in technology and business for thirty-seven years, founding three startups and multiple provisional patents. He has served in numerous ministry capacities, including founding Alpha World Ministries, which did the original Do You Believe event, chairing the council in the Tarpon Springs church his family and he attended, leading small groups and Bible studies, organizing hurricane relief, among other serving positions.

After starting college in Brooklyn, NY, and then finishing in the Tampa, Florida, area, he and his family felt led to the Pacific Northwest to Hillsboro, Oregon, where they currently divide their time between both states. He and his wife of thirty-four years have three grown children and are praying for grandkids.

Rich’s Latest Calling

Investing in Christian companies that are helping to save humankind.
Wise global Christian investing in biblically sound Christian entrepreneurs and companies, to help the Body of Christ be good stewards of what God has provided them, protect and grow their wealth and influence, to the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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