New book Do You Believe? tells of one man's journey to an all-in faith where God keeps working miracles.

Investor and author Rich Mason shares what he learned about God as he followed His voice into unexpected relationships, business ventures, and life decisions.

Trilogy Christian Publishers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has announced the release of "Do You Believe?" by Rich Mason, who uses his personal story to give his answer to life’s most important question. The book is available on Amazon, from booksellers, and from

More than 25 years ago, Rich Mason was not sure God existed and did not have any expectations of him. But when he made a resolution to help wayward children after the first schoolyard shooting that he heard of, some extraordinarily unlikely events occurred. He calls them miracles. They got his attention and caused him to start searching to see if God really exists.

Rich Mason is a private equity investor, angel investor and former entrepreneur, having started four companies, including one ministry. He has held positions with Intel Corporation, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, and Mindspeed Technologies. He was the President and Founder of Alpha Fiber. Rich earned an electrical engineering degree from the University of South Florida and has worked in technology and business for thirty-seven years. With homes in both Tampa, Florida, and Hillsboro, Oregon, Rich is connected with multiple churches and is active in serving ministries and small group studies.

Rich was not accepting the existence of God easily. He read books, thought deeply, and challenged the evidence on both sides. He visited churches. He read the Bible. He considered prophecies and how they have been fulfilled. Rich's story recounts the journey that led him ultimately to belief.

In the book, Rich writes, "After careful investigation, I found what I needed: the Bible is the full story and the evidence for Christ is overwhelmingly convincing! That’s just the written part of what I found. Remember that this God is whispering stuff to me at the same time. And I really want to hear His whisper, so I’m listening intently. Carefully. There’s a spiritual side to all of this; there’s more than just what we can see with our eyes. And in my spirit, God is communicating with me. And He also orchestrates events, people, places, and things!"

Joseph John, D.D., a pastor, said, "Rich Mason has written what I would call a very powerful challenge to believers in Christianity to hunger and thirst after the life God wants His followers to really live. Through his journey of seeking God, Rich reveals the three areas most Christians fail at: (1) really searching for truth by reading the Scriptures; (2) talking with God and listening for His voice talking back; (3) obeying unequivocally what the Lord calls a believer to do even if it seems difficult. The reader will be challenged by Rich’s personal journey with God. I couldn’t put the book down."

Rich Mason’s latest business venture is founding a new private equity firm called Alpha Kingdom Capital (, which will fund Christian companies that operate using wise Biblical principles, to encourage Christ-like working and living. Two investment funds are already open, one called the AKC Opportunity Zone Fund I, investing in a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones. The other open fund is the AKC Technology Innovation Disruption Fund I, which seeks to invest in early-stage technology innovation and disruption companies.

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Do_You_Believe_Book_Cover.png Do You Believe? by Rich Mason tells the story of his journey to answer life's most important question.
Rich_Mason_2022.jpg Rich Mason is author of Do You Believe? and is a private equity investor, angel investor, and former entrepreneur.
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